Get The Same System Responsible for Generating Our Company and Our Clients up to 6 Figures in just 29 days........

.....And I'll Even Help You Implement It!

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What We do:

We help real estate business owners build six and seven figure businesses with high profit, small teams, happy clients, and a fun lifestyle in 8-10 weeks. We do this through our two training programs – 6 Figure Fellowship and with the Fee 1:1

This is for you if:

The 6 Figure Fellowship is for you if you’re a real estate business owner, team leader,Investor, Commercial broker, Home Inspector, Transaction coordinator, Appraiser, etc. making $5,000/mo or more.

If that’s you, you might be struggling with:

  • Modern marketing & sales.

  • Booking calls and converting prospects      

  • Building systems that create more time and space for you.                  

  • Becoming an industry dinosaur and can’t keep up with AI technology           

  • Growing your team, but don't know how to hire the best talent.          

  • Maintaining high profit margins.                

Ready to take your business to the next level?

The 6 Figure Fellowship will help you increase sales and predictable income without additional work hours, increase market share in a compressed market, and widen your reach without selling out your soul.

You'll get increased confidence to future-proof your business with technology and pattern disruptions, an inclusive reputation that makes you a better option compared to competitors, 1 year membership into our private group, lifetime access to online lessons (including expert interviews), lifetime access to branding worksheets, tutorials on tech so you never get stuck, checklists so you always know what to do and in what order—and so much more!

We're also offering pre-negotiated discounts to service providers who can help with everything from web development to legal advice.

Our $3 Billion Rolodex of vetted vendors & partners means we can help get you started on all fronts: technical support during the program; community service impact projects where we pair up with local businesses; and resources like email/SMS/scripts/video content that are ready for you before the program even starts.

If you're like most small business owners, you've been waiting for something to come along that will help you take your business to the next level. Something that makes it easier for you to get the results you want—without having to work harder.

We've got good news: The 6 Figure Fellowship is here. With our six-figure fellowship program, we'll take care of everything from A to Z so you don't have to worry about anything but growing your business and getting paid what it's worth.

When we say "everything," we mean Everything!


The 6 Figure Fellowship takes you from getting a few clients here and there, to consistently booking new clients and then scaling to $10K-40k/months that depends on systems and automation instead of YOU.

a level business consultation

The 6 Figure Fellowship gives you everything you need to build a six-figure a year, month, or a week business:

  • Proven process: 4 module online training program with step-by-step instructions. We give you video training, pre-built systems, proven scripts, and so much more.      

  • Live Weekly Coaching & Advisory: 2 hour weekly Q&A calls with your dedicated coach where you can ask your questions live and get personalized advice specific to your business.

  • Accountability: our full-time success manager is responsible for keeping track of your progress, helping you get un-stuck, and holding you to your highest standard.     

  • Unlimited support: in-between training sessions, and calls, you'll have direct access to your coaches who can answer questions, give feedback, help to troubleshoot, and move you forward.      

  • Peer Pods Community: It's hard to change your life surrounded by the same people as usual. Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs where you can truly belong and build business and life relationships        

  • Money Mindset : We've engineered a process for creating lasting change. Use our proven methods to eliminate resistance, bad habits, and limiting beliefs, and replace them with a new level of confidence, courage, and peace.

Hear from our satisfied clients

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Business Strategy, Finance, Sales, & Marketing with AI Technology

Learn the exact process we use to start, grow, and scale up businesses up to 7 figures and beyond with predictability

  • Niche selection

    how to pick the right niche, target your clients, and become highly paid

  • Irresistible offers

    Craft ‘You are my People’ offers that are irresistible to your ideal client and get them excited and ready to work with ONLY you.

  • Psychology & mindset

    Overcome fears and habits that block your success

  • Message to Market Match

    Create messages that connect with your dream clients (and nobody else).  

  • Client attraction

    Learn how to attract clients to you with predictability using our 4-step system. Never be client-less again.  

  • Sales and Closing

    Learn how to confidently sell to and close clients without being pushy or arm twisting.  

  • Systems & Automation

    Learn how to copy and install systems in your business that give you time, create consistency, and make life easier.

  • Time Multiplying

    Learn time enhancement skills and focus strategies to become more productive and work fewer hours.

  • Community & Impact

    Learn how to grow and influence your community with new ideal clients and become their go-to authority figure.  

  • Client retention

    Learn how to keep your clients and get them to happily continue working with you for a very long time.

  • Legal & contracts

    Learn how to set up your business legally: client contracts, collecting payments, and other boring (but important) stuff.

Here’s What’s included with the Fellowship… (Beta Flagship)

  • Business Diagnostic- Assessment of gaps in business + triage        

  • Orientation/Kick off Call- Concierge + Orientation + Fast start

  • Live Training- Weekly group training facilitated by Fee & Coaches       

  • Lab Hours- Weekly Peer Pods + Implementation (tech, marketing, systems)       

  • 1:1 Coaching/Advisory - 30 min bi monthly private sessions for Strategy +

  • Peer Pods- Facilitated learning, accountability, and skill development       

  • Email & Messenger Support (FB Group/Slack Channel)        

  • 1 Day- Live Event (Virtual)- x 1 per quarter       

  • 2 Day Live Event (in Person) X 1 per year (Austin/International destination)       

  • Game- SWAG (TBD- Tee/Hat/Books/Curated Box)- action points for work & life wins

Fellowship Bonuses: (Flagship)

  • 1 year membership into the private group       

  • Lifetime access to online lessons      

  •  Lifetime access to expert interviews        

  • DFY Landing Page Template set up      

  • DFY- Marketing Content & Branding Worksheets        

  • Tutorials on tech so you never get stuck        

  • Checklists- to always know what to do & in what order       

  • Tech support during program       

  • Resources Vault- email/SMS/Scripts/Video Content     

  • Community Service Impact project      

  • Access to our $3 Billion rolodex of vetted vendors & partners     

  • Pre-negotiated discounts to service providers


Why the 6 Figure Fellowship?

  Support Accountability Custom tailored for you Done with you and Done for you

You’ve worked with other coaches before or invested in programs that haven’t gotten results . How will this be life-changingly different?

I’ve DONE this! I’ve run several businesses myself - I have created 9 companies from scratch in 5 different industries- from Fitness training, sports marketing, product sales, manufacturing, real estate agent & investor, speaker,  and performance coach - and I have built  years in online marketing and communications for both small businesses and large corporations, including my job as the corporate editor for one of the country’s largest fashion companies, overseeing more than 30 brands. (And I’ve actually helped OTHERS do this ... over one hundred, in fact.)

I was my first and most valuable client…                   

Is this feeling like exactly what you need?

If so, the first step is to book a strategy call and find out if we're able to help you.

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